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Mimvi Tech provide IT Support and Tech support services on Long Island and is a vital component of any business. Mimvi IT Services in an extension of your business. We have professional technicians that are able to prevent problems from arising initially; efficiently troubleshoot when problems do arise; and consult and support your business with all of your technology related needs. 


Mimvi managed IT New York can help you build an infrastructure that will support technology that rapidly changes to support your companies growth and prevent disaster


With all of the threats on the web today, it is vital that you do not leave the security and success of your business in the hands of the best hackers, viruses and other threats.


 Our network management department provides top-notch monitoring of your servers, networks and services to guarantee service delivery and IT reliability.


Consider us your IT “project managers” and consultants.  We will oversee your software development, hardware installations, network upgrades and cloud computing.


Despite the most valiant of attempts (which we successfully provide), disasters do happen.  In order for your business to thrive, backup and disaster recovery are crucial


Risk assessment is a crucial first step in risk management for IT; our audits are a surefire way to prevent those IT disasters from happening.  

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Plan. Implement. Support.

We start with industry specific research and consultation to provide productive audits and analysis to increase reliability and security.  We will also sit with you to develop a detailed implementation plan to avoid business interruption and increase knowledge.

We will implement our IT services on Long Island to meet your company’s deadlines and enhance communication to ensure your business goals.  All of our services have been tested to guarantee successful implementation, security and end points.

Our support team is here for you!  We provide 24/7 remote support to cure any IT defects you are facing or questions you may have.  We also provide consistent, quality on-site support to prevent disasters from striking and get your business back running when they do.

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Why Choose Mimvi IT?

Have you been searching all over the globe – and web – for a one-stop-shop, top-rated IT company? You have found us.  Mimvi IT is New York City and Long Island’s favorite Managed IT company.  We offer a 24-hour emergency response service and a guarantee that we are there for you, rain or shine; day or night; weekday or weekend. We intuitively understand how small and medium-sized businesses operate here in New Yok and can act as your very own in-house IT team.

We act as your trainer, preventing injuries, and your backup quarterback, in case of injuries.  To guarantee the success of your business, never go without the support of Mimvi IT.